• Course Syllabus:  Reading Strategies Workshop

    Course Description:

    In Reading Strategies Workshop, students will be receiving extra support in reading. Mrs. Musick and Mrs. Phillips are trained reading specialists who are passionate about reading. Our goal is to get our students excited about reading and inspire them to be lifelong readers. In this course we will focus on guiding students to become active instead of passive readers which will increase their comprehension and word knowledge. Through rigorous modeling and direct instruction we will illuminate their understanding of a variety of texts from traditional chapter books to graphic novels and everything in between.

    Basic Components of the Course:

    •             Independent reading time
    •             Reading skills mini-lessons
    •             Word Study- spelling skills, decoding skills, and vocabulary
    •             Comprehension checks through reading responses, reflections, and questions
    •             Teacher read aloud

    Course Goals:

    •             Be skillful by using strategies to decode and comprehend text
    •             Increase vocabulary
    •             Recognize that reading is meaning making
    •             Choose the right book
    •             Expand reading horizons (genre)
    •             Become an active reader
    •             Discuss texts with peers and collaborate on long term projects (PBL)
    •             Be critical thinkers
    •             Apply reading skills and strategies in other content areas
    •             Respond to literature orally and/or in writing