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    The school-based, collaborative gifted program, now known as Fusion, is a new model for delivering gifted services for 4th and 5th grade gifted learners. It was established to provide gifted services for students at their home schools. A gifted resource teacher collaborates with classroom teachers to challenge gifted learners in their regular classrooms by enriching and extending the general curriculum and by integrating curricula developed for gifted learners (e.g., William & Mary literature units, Jacob's ladder, and Mentoring Mathematical Minds). In addition, gifted learners meet during the week with other gifted learners to collaborate on a variety of challenging, interdisciplinary projects. (LCPS GATE page)


    The Fusion classes meet once per week for approximately four hours. The theme around which all of our lessons will center for the 2023-2024 school year is leadership. Here is the schedule for our classes:

    Tuesdays: 5th grade

    Thursdays: 4th grade

    Expectations for our Fusion students:

    A Fusion student is expected.....

      • to participate actively in tasks and projects   
      • to develop and use plans
      • to solve complex problems
      • to think creatively
      • to use critical thinking - reasoning and logic
      • to be flexible and accept change
      • to collaborate with fellow students
      • to persevere - be persistent in difficult tasks
      • to have good manners and behave properly
      • to be kind and tolerant of others