• Calculator Policy

     All tests will have a NO-CALCULATOR section and a CALCULATOR PERMITTED section (just like the AP test).  It is highly recommended that you have your own graphing calculator such as a TI-84.

    Cell Phone Policy

    Cell phones are NOT to be used during class.

    At the start of class, cell phones are to be turned off or silenced and placed in the storage pockets at the front of the room.  You will be assigned a numbered pocket for your phone.


    ·         Homework will be assigned daily. 

    ·         Homework is not graded, but there will be frequent, short homework quizzes.

    ·         You will have problem set reviews each marking period that are graded for accuracy.

    Quizzes & Tests

    ·         All quizzes & tests will be TIMED.

    ·         Most quizzes will be announced ahead of time, but be prepared for the occasional “pop” quiz.

    ·         Tests will be announced in advance.

    ·         All tests will be cumulative.

    ·         There are NO retakes of quizzes or tests.

    Absences & Missed Work

    When you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get missed work.  It will be placed in a file at the front of the room with your name.  You are expected to check the online homework calendar.   

    If you miss a test review day, you will still take the test on the scheduled date.  If you miss a test, you will take an alternate make-up version within one week.

     Suggested Materials

    ·         3-ring binder with dividers

    ·         graphing calculator

    ·         pencils

    ·         colored pencils

    ·         graph paper

    ·         notebook paper