• RVHS Library Media Center Guidelines
    The Library Media Center connects students to the world by providing equitable access to the resources and tools required for 21st-century learning is a warm, stimulating, and safe environment.  The Library Media Center staff works in collaboration with students, staff, and the Riverside community to provide instruction, learning strategies, and practice in using the essential skills needed in the 21st-century.
    Access to the Riverside print and digital collection, online research databases, other LCPS school library collections, and the Loudoun County Public Library is available to users through an online catalog called Destiny Discovera web-based software application that can be accessed by any device with Internet access.  Students are encouraged to use not only the RVHS collection, but also the Loudoun County Public Library collection using their public library card.
    • The Library Media Center is open Monday - Friday, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm.  
    • Food is NOT permitted in the library.
    • Students may come into the Library Media Center without a pass before and after school.
    • Students who wish to come to the Library Media Center during their lunch block must obtain a pass prior to that time from one of our school library faculty/staff.  Students without a pass will not be permitted to leave the cafeteria during their assigned lunch shift.
    • Classroom teachers may send students to the library with a pass signed by the teacher.  When entering the Library Media Center, students must leave their pass at the circulation desk and sign in.
    • Books may be checked out for a three (3)-week period with renewal as needed.
    • Students are expected to use technology ethically and responsibly while in the Library Media Center.
    • The Library Media Center is a collaborative learning space, and students are expected to be respectful to others while using the space.
    • Reference books, books on reserve, library copies of textbooks, and magazines may be checked out for overnight use.
    • Overdue notices will be sent to students if library items are not returned on time.  Students are not charged overdue fines; however, students will be responsible for payment of lost items.
    • A photocopier for student use is located in the Maker Space area of the Library Media Center.