Class Resources & Daily Lecture Material: 


    My class website is accessible via StudentVUE/ParentVUE


    I post each day’s lecture notes, homework assignments and handouts.  If a student is absent, the class website is the first place they should check to identify what was missed and what is due. 


    I also post answer keys to all homework assignments before homework is due.  I expect/encourage students (and parents!) to check homework answers to identify strengths and weaknesses.  I rely on students identifying areas needing clarification, then coming to me for help during study hall or my office hours.


    How to access my class website via StudentVUE & ParentVUE:


    1. Click on your student’s picture,
    2. Scroll down and click on “Class Website,”
    3. Select our algebra 2 class in the menu bar (the menu bar defaults on your student’s first block class).
    4. Go to the current unit (the most recent lecture day should be at the top of the unit list).



    Year at a Glance: 

    First quarter:

    • Essential Algebra skills 
    • Investigating Characteristics of Functions
    • Absolute Value Functions 
    • Quadratics 

    Second Quarter:

    • Quadratics (continued)
    • Higher Order Polynomials 

    Third Quarter:

    • Radical Functions
    • Rational Functions

    Fourth Quarter: 

    • Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
    • Sequences, Series, & Statistics
    • SOL Review
    • Advanced Algebra preparation