• Resource Expectations


    Resource is a class with separate rules and expectations.  It is considered to be a structured time for students to complete homework assignments, make up work with teachers, or read academically oriented materials from the library or home.  Staff expectations will be set from day one.

    Students should be quiet during resource and work the full block of time.  Seats may be assigned at the discretion of the resource teacher or dean.

    Students should come to resource fully prepared with all homework assignments and/or reading materials necessary to keep busy for the full block of time.

    Students should bring their agenda and resource folder to class daily.

    A book or any other acceptable reading material from the library should be brought to class in case a student finishes work early.

    The resource teacher will assign materials to be completed if a student has brought nothing to resource.

    Resource enrichment activities will be given several times per quarter and will include:  goal setting, notebook organization, learning styles, time management, study skills, reading comprehension, test-taking strategies, library research, art projects and character education.

    Students will be permitted to work in pairs or groups when appropriate.  Students should work quietly when discussing their assignment so as not to disturb others.  Students should remember this is a privilege and can be taken away if the rules are not followed.


    For 6th and 7th grade students only:  When the time comes to change from resource to music or another subject, the resource teacher will escort students down the hallway to the appropriate locations.  Please keep in mind that other classes are in session and students should remain respectfully quiet.

Last Modified on October 18, 2022