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    HS-JCH Algebra SOL Review
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    SOL Pass website - Select "Math" for access to released SOL practice tests (both online and pdf versions)
    VDOE site for SOL resources - Online and pdf versions of released SOL tests and practice item guides
    Algebra 1 Topics and Formulas Sheet  (from Henrico Public Schools)
    Self-check quizzes - mini quizzes divided by topic and lesson
    For the following practice quizzes, keep track of your progress using this sheet!
    Algebra 1 SOL Practice by Reporting Category (from Chesterfield County):
    Algebra 1 SOL Practice by Objective (by Henrico Public Schools): Practice problems/ online quizzes where you can check your answer!

    Jefferson Labs


    2.  Click on the box in front of 20 or 40 Questions and then the box in front of Algebra I (or Math 8 for the Math 8 students)
    3.  Scroll Down and Click “I’m Ready, Let’s Start.”
    4.  Answer each question by clicking the letter of your choice.
    5.  Scroll down and click “That’s My Final Answer!”
    6.  After you are shown that you are correct or incorrect, Click “Next Question”.
    7.  After answering all questions, Click “All Done, How Did I Do”.
    8.  For the Incorrect Questions, click “Review This Question”.
    9.  Rework the problems that you missed.
    10.  You can print the question(s) that you missed on paper or to .pdf and bring them to your teacher if you want some extra help!
Last Modified on May 1, 2017