• Spanish for Fluent Speakers


    IPT Testing in Spanish as needed to determine oral language proficiency


    This course offers fluent speakers of Spanish the opportunity to strengthen

    their basic reading and writing skills in their native language. The students

    learn about the Hispanic contributions to the English language and

    American culture. The students also study the major historical figures and

    events of Spanish-speaking countries.

    This course is conducted in Spanish.



    Students will listen to various authentic materials representing the

    Hispanic culture and perform a variety of tasks to demonstrate

    comprehension throughout the topics of study.


    Students will learn about various dialects of their native language and

    conduct extended discourse relating to Hispanic culture, current

    events, everyday activities, and other areas of study and personal

    interest. Students will also learn additional vocabulary and structures

    to strengthen their speaking and presentational skills in Spanish.


    Students will utilize their listening/speaking topics of study to

    strengthen their reading skills by studying word roots, syllables,

    prefixes and suffixes, and other word structures to build vocabulary.

    Various authentic materials related to Hispanic culture, current events,

    and studied themes will be used to support higher level reading skill



    Grammar, structure, spelling, and orthography will be important

    components of this skill. Sentence structure, composition, and various

    forms of discourse will be addressed to strengthen accurate written

    expression in Spanish.


    Students will build a greater knowledge of Hispanic culture through

    various discussions, readings, and original compositions conducted in

    class and via outside classroom assignments.


    This course provides one credit toward fulfilling the foreign language

    requirements for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one

    language or two years each of two languages. Students who receive credit

    for Spanish for Fluent Speakers I in middle school may count this course

    in meeting both credit and subject area graduation requirements.

Last Modified on October 31, 2006