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     Earth Science
    Welcome to Earth Science! Janet Kummerer earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from San Francisco State University. After working as a photojournalist for 13 years, Mrs. Kummerer earned her teaching credential in Earth & Space Science from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Kummerer is also certified in Biology. Mrs. Kummerer is currently an Earth Science teacher at John Champe High School. Prior to working at John Champe, Mrs. Kummerer taught for 3 years at Gar-Field High School in Prince William County. 

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    A1- Earth Science (2518) B5- Earth Science (2518)
    A2- Research Earth Science (2518) B6- Advisory (2510)
    A3- Research Earth Science (2518) B7- Research Earth Science (2518)
    A4- Planning B8- Planning
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