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    Kristin Thurston is in her third year of teaching at John Champe and her 12th year over all.  Mrs. Thurston previous teaching experiences have been at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, and Horace O'Bryant Middle School in Key West, FL.  Mrs. Thurston earned her Exercise, Sport, and Health Education degree from Radford University.  She earned her Master's in Health Promotion at Va. Tech.  (Go Hokies)!  You can contact me at Kristin.thurston@lcps.org

     Course Information
     In Mrs. Thurston's tenth grade PE classes we will be including Driver's Ed. with in the curriculum.   In Driver's Ed. students have a classroom attendance requirement per the state.  The students must be present for 36 (50 minute) class sessions.  If students are absent and do not meet the requirement, they will have to make up the class with their Driver's Ed. teacher. 
    For Driver's Ed. students are required to attend one LCPS Partner's for Safe Teen driving workshop with their parent or guardian.  All presentations begin strictly at 7 pm.  Please click the link to see the Driver's Ed syllabus Driver's Ed Syllabus

     Please click the link to see the PE Syllabus.  Please notice grading changes that will be in place this year.  

    Students are required to dress out and participate in PE daily.   

    If the student forgets their clothes they are not able to participate or if the student refuses to participate…

    -The first time for the quarter they will have the option to do an assignment to earn 10 of their 20 points for the day.  

    -The second time (in a quarter) they do not dress out and participate the student will receive a zero, and an email will be sent to their parent.   

    -The third time (in a quarter) the student will receive zero and the teacher will call home to inform the parent

    A1- HPE10/Driver's Ed B5- Dept. Chair Initiatives
    A2-HPE10/Driver's Ed B6- HPE9
    A3- HPE9 B7- HPE10/Driver's Ed
    A4-Planning B8-Planning
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