The Preschool Child Find Appointment

  • General Overview:   

    1. Preschool Child Find, a service of Loudoun County Public Schools, provides free developmental screenings for children between the ages of 2 (by September 30th) and 5 (not eligible for kindergarten) to assist with identifying their need for special education services.
    2. Screenings are conducted by certified Loudoun County Public Schools speech language pathologists and special educators and assess general development in the areas of:  cognition; communication; physical skills; social/emotional skills; and self-help skills. 
    3. Screening results may indicate a need for referral for special education evaluation. 

     Scheduling the appointment:   

    1. Contact the Child Find Center at 571-252-2180 to schedule an appointment for a developmental screening.
    2. Information will be sent to you that confirms your appointment and includes: a reminder of the date and time of your appointment, forms to be completed by the parents and, if appropriate, the preschool teacher/daycare provider. These forms must be completed prior to the appointment and brought to the meeting. 
    3. Please plan to arrive a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so that we may check you in.
    4. If you cannot keep your appointment, please contact the Child Find Center as soon as possible so that we may schedule another child for that time.

    What to bring:
    1. The child for whom you have concerns.
    2. You will be asked to provide proof of residency in Loudoun County, VA.  Acceptable documents include either a signed lease, signed deed, signed settlement papers, mortgage statement, or deed of trust  and photo identification with your current address.  If you do not own or rent the home in which you live, please call the Child Find Center at (571) 252-2180 to obtain a shared housing document to be completed and brought to the screening.
    3. Your child's official, state-issued birth certificate.
    4. The completed forms that were sent to you from the Child Find Center. 
    5. Any pertinent medical, developmental or speech/ language reports you have regarding your child.

    Please Note: If proper identification, proof of residency and birth certificate are not available, we will not be able to proceed with the screening.

    What to expect:   
    1. The developmental screening process takes approximately one hour.  Your child will work with a special educator and speech/ language pathologist during this time. The examiners will engage your child using a brief play and language-based screening tool. The screening tool includes toys, pictures and questions for the child and parents. Parents may accompany their child into the screening room to increase the child's comfort level with the screening environment, but may not assist their child with test responses. 
    2. Following the screening, a Child Study meeting will convene with a Loudoun County Public Schools administrator. The Child Study meeting will be held to summarize screening results and make recommendations for the next step in the special education process, which may include a referral for special education evaluation.
    Screening Appointment Tips:
    1. Please ensure your child has had adequate rest. Consider nap times when making the appointment, as tired children generally are less likely to perform their best in testing situations.
    2. If your child is not feeling well or has a fever on the day of the appointment, please call the Child Find Center to reschedule. Children who are not feeling well typically have difficulty participating in the screening tasks.
    3. Be sure that your child has eaten prior to the appointment.  Due to food allergies we are unable to permit snacks in the waiting area, conference room, or screening rooms.
    4. While we understand siblings may need to attend the appointment due to child care constraints, it is preferred that the only child to attend the screening is the one for whom you have concerns.
    5. If a sibling must attend, please ensure you have a quiet activity for him/her to engage in while waiting.
    6. If you accompany your child into the screening room, please ensure that you not assist your child with their performance on structured screening tasks or reinterpret questions posed by examiners.
    Additional information:
    The Child Find Center follows Loudoun County Public Schools for delayed openings and closings due to inclement weather. For current information regarding delayed openings and closings please refer to the Loudoun County Public Schools home page. 
    In the case of delayed openings or school closing due to inclement weather, the following arrangements will be made:
    • In Case of a One Hour Delayed Opening: The Child Find screenings originally scheduled for 8:00 and 8:30 am will be cancelled and rescheduled by Loudoun County Public School staff.  All other screenings will proceed as originally scheduled.
    • In Case of a Two Hour Delayed Opening:  The Child Find screenings originally scheduled for 8:00, 8:30, and 9:15 am will be cancelled and rescheduled by Loudoun County Public School staff.  All other screenings will proceed as originally scheduled.
    • School Closing:  All Child Find screenings will be cancelled and rescheduled by Loudoun County Public School staff.
Last Modified on July 19, 2016