Each student will select a Mentor who can advise and assist throughout the Capstone experience.


    A Capstone Mentor should be:  

    • A person who is knowledgeable/experienced in the subject area of your Capstone and either works in the profession (Career Strand) or is directly involved in the non-profit (Community Service Strand)

    • A person who is willing to assist and advise you in the Capstone process  

    • A person you can have regular contact with for a short period of time, either face-to-face or via other synchronous means such as telephone, email, web conference, etc.   

    • A person who will give you constructive feedback and will challenge you

    • An adult who will encourage you

    Before you choose a mentor:

    • Clearly define your product

    • Be specific about what you expect from your mentor, including time commitments

    • Brainstorm possible experts within your chosen field of study

    • Talk to parents, friends and/or teachers about possibilities

    • Be able to show how mentorship will benefit the mentor


    One goal of the Capstone is to encourage the student to meet and interact with new people and members of their community. The student is also encouraged to stretch and grow while working on the Capstone. Part of that growth comes from interacting and working with another adult in the community.