• Reading at Harper Park
    Meet your Reading Specialist  Dawn Utendorf
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    The job of the reading specialist is to provide intervention and support for those needing it in terms of their reading.  Students will build upon their vocabulary, read and comprehend fiction and non-fiction, show comprehension orally and/or in writing.  Students will learn to interpret their reading and analyze what is read.  
    Working with the reading specialist can look different- students may be pulled out from their larger classes or work in a small group in their English class.  Some students are scheduled for the Reading Strategies class. Every effort is made to work with students at the same time who are on or near the same reading level to build on their existing skills.
    Building firm reading skills will assist students across the curricular areas.  My hope is to spark a love of reading that lasts a lifetime!  
    Students may access our class information and assignments on our Schoology page.
Last Modified on October 18, 2022