Description of the Honors English Program


    The Honors English Program is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement English tests and college-level writing; therefore, students entering this program should be committed to the serious pursuit of literature and the desire to excel in writing. A grade level honors assignment (consisting of multi-genre research, synthesis, and reflective writing) will be completed by all honors students.

    Because Advanced Placement English is an intense college level course, enrolled students should exhibit proficiency in writing and analytical reading and possess an extensive working vocabulary.   Students enrolled in 12 Dual Enrollment should exhibit a strong desire to improve writing skills, a strong honors work ethic, and an interest in rhetorical analysis.



    Characteristics of English Honors Students


    ·         Reads independently and often

    ·         Writes with fluency, with freedom from mechanical and usage errors, and with rhetorical skills

    ·         Possesses an extensive working vocabulary

    ·         Interprets literature on all levels

    ·         Participates in oral exercises, discussions, and formal presentations with effectiveness and fluency

    ·         Has high verbal aptitude as demonstrated by standardized test scores

    ·         Maintains A’s and B’s in English classes

    ·         Completes assignments in a thorough and timely manner

    ·         Works willingly and positively with others

    ·         Exhibits enthusiasm about the subject

    ·         Likes to be challenged

    ·         Demonstrates self-motivation

    ·         Applies knowledge to new situations

    ·         Tries to improve his/her work

    ·         Goes beyond expectations

    ·         Elaborates on ideas presented





Last Modified on August 24, 2023