Capstone Timeline

    Please be aware that approval of any component submitted post-deadline will require an in-person meeting with the Capstone Committee. Late submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 




    Completed During Semester 1



    Brainstorming Sessions                 

          Selecting a Project

          Prohibited Activities

          Career Exploration Project Examples

          Community Service Project Examples




    Phase 1

    Completed no later than 10/04/2019



    1 – Statement of Intent - Approved by your Government teacher

    2 – Website Creation - URL Submitted to your Government teacher

    3 – Begin blogging about the Capstone process



    Phase 2

    Research Phase

    Completed no later than 2/21/2020


    Projects will be submitted to the Capstone Commitee for final approval when:


    •  Website is up-to-date and meets all guidelines


    •  Capstone Proposal has been approved by your Government teacher


    •  Mentor has been chosen           
    •  Click on this link for a list of community members who have already committed to serving as Capstone Mentors. Feel free to contact one of these people or to find your own mentor.


    •  All applicable paperwork has been turned in to your Government teacher. 

                      LCPS Capstone Experience Agreement



    Phase 3

    Fieldwork Phase



    You will complete 50 hours of Field Work and Daily Blog Entries 5/18/2020-6/3/2020


    1 – Minimum 50 hours of Fieldwork and Daily Blog Posts 

           Minimum 25 hours of fieldwork for Monroe/AET/AOS students

    2 – Video Portfolio Uploaded to Website  6/3/2020

    3 – MANDATORY Capstone Presentations (6/4/2020) (a list will be posted in May)