• 2018-2019 Academic Year
    SUMMER ASSIGNMENT - DUE 8/24.  Late work will receive a 10% deduction for each calendar day it is late.
    Summer assignments are due on the first day of school.  This is a college-level course and students are expected to be prepared for the course at all times.  Bring in your books with their annotations on the first day and all required paperwork.  
    Welcome to AP Literature and Composition.  The curriculum for AP Lit focuses on analyzing prose and poetry from a wide range of authors. Students will be reading and writing regularly in preparation for the AP Literature exam in May.  We will be reading such works as A Doll's House, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and The Scarlet Letter, as well as other works. Whenever possible we will use free versions of our readings, however, students will be asked to purchase books during the school year.  Of course, the school library or the local library are great resources for classroom novels.  
    Supply list:
    Binder (1" should be fine)
    Post-it notes
    Composition notebook 
    You must have a journal for class, not scraps of paper.  All of your writing will be done in this journal.  It will mostly be kept in the classroom, but it may go home from time to time.  A composition notebook stores easily in the classroom, which is why I am requesting this type of notebook.  
    Students will be expected to sign up for Remind.  To sign up you will need to send the text message to the number shown below.  Once you have set yourself up for Remind, I will send you information on how to log into Google Classroom.  Classroom will be our main platform for class assignments this year.  All students are expected to sign up for both Remind and Classroom.  
    If you are not familiar with Remind, you can find more information at Remind.     
     Block  Text Message  Number
     7 @07preston  81010 or 703-493-0992
     8 @08preston  81010 or 703-493-0992