Jazz Band Summer Assignment

  • Hi Everyone:
    I would like to start the ground running with our Jazz Band this year. Please be prepared to play the music from the links provided for your instrument. You can print out the C, F, Bb, Eb and Ab Blues scales that you will be required to play the first day of school by clicking on this link. The chart is broken down by instrument key. Simply play the notes for each scale that corresponds with your instrument. Of course you will need your instrument that day. This assignment will be graded and will determine your chair position within the group. If you are a member of the rhythm section, this assignment will determine if you will be the principal performer or the understudy. The link to the music file is not the exact arrangement of the piece but should give you a very good idea of how it should go. This is the exact arrangement for rhythm section players.
    Questions?  Please email me at william.strickler@lcps.org
    Mr. Strickler 

"All of Me" music links