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    Instructional Technology Staff
     Ms. J.J. Jones ,Technology Resource Teacher (TRT)
    Ms. Diane Hemphill, Technology Assistant Lab 1

    Harmony Intermediate has 3 computer labs, 5 mobile laptop carts, 2 computers in each classroom and 8 in the library, The school  has Promethean interactive white boards in every classroom.  To encourage student participation in class, the school has 3 sets of Activotes, 3 sets of Activexpressions, and 10 Actiview cameras. The computer labs are available from 8:15 – 3:15 daily for classes.
    Microsoft Office, and specialized course specific software applications are available as well as software for video and audio recording and editing, image editing, creating graphic organizers, multimedia projects, and web page design. T-1 access to the Internet enables the students to perform research for class assignments including many online subscription services such as EBSCO and InfoTrac (see the Library Section).

    Our technology staff members are available to assist with training and questions students and teachers may have to utilize the school's computer resources.