• Welcome to Ms. Fatz’

    Second Grade Class!



    Welcome to second grade!  I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are excited about starting the school year.  I know I am!  You are going to LOVE being in second grade.  In science, we will be learning about weather, magnets, and all kinds of animals.  We even get to hatch chicks!  In social studies, we will be touring Canada and Mexico.  We will also be learning about several Native American groups.


    Math in second grade is really fun.  You will be doing lots of hands on activities while learning about addition, subtraction, fractions, and even multiplication!  Handwriting is always a big hit because it’s when you will learn how to write in cursive.  I know you can’t wait for that!


    This summer I have been enjoying traveling, swimming, and reading several books.  The best part of my summer was spending time with my family.  Make sure you remember what you did over the summer.  We will be writing and talking about all your summer adventures the first week back at school.


    Enjoy the rest of your break and I hope to meet you at Open House.




    Ms. Fatz