• **Uniform Prices** 
    Shirts - $2.00
    Shorts - $5.00
    Please make checks payable to Harmony Middle School for the correct amount.  
    Uniforms are Youth Large, Adult S,M,L,XL and XXL (while supplies last)
    (We recommend purchasing two, but it is not necessary) 
    Physical Education:
    • PE Uniform (gray shirt and navy shorts sold by the school)
    • Athletic socks
    • Athletic Shoes that tie on top.  Shoes must be tied and should not be able to slip off.
      Hair ties for long hair to be pulled back
    • Health book
    • Paper
    • Pencils
    • 1 1/2 inch binder with three rings
    • Colored Pencils

    LCPS Secondary Health and Physical Education

    Dress Guidelines for Physical Education

    All students should come to physical education ready to learn! Students will engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity daily during PE classes, and working out at this intensity will elevate the heart rate and cause the students to perspire. To reinforce the importance of personal hygiene, we require that the clothes worn for PE should be something other than what was worn to school that day.

    Physical educators strive to help all students develop an appreciation for physical activity and the ability to make healthy choices. An important healthy choice that students can make is being prepared to engage in physical activity, and this should include bringing suitable clothing for PE.

    Appropriate PE attire includes shorts or sweatpants, a t-shirt, socks, and sneakers. No sandals of any type are allowed due to documented safety issues. PE attire must meet the LCPS dress code, and shorts inseam must be at least 7 inches (see SR&R). As a service to our school community, LCPS solicits bids from vendors for a volume purchase and offers an affordable option for PE attire that may be purchased through the individual schools, which consists of blue shorts and a gray t-shirt with the LCPS logo.

    As physical educators, we value your child’s health and appreciate the help of all LCPS parents and guardians to be sure that students come to school with appropriate attire for physical education so that they come to us ready to participate and learn! Please be sure that students have clean clothes for PE each day so that we can focus on what we value, which is helping all LCPS students to be active and healthy.