• Orion's Belt

    Dark Skies of Ashburn
    Loudoun County has a LONG tradition of protecting our night skies from light pollution.  We like to be able to go out and see all our favorite stars even though realistically we're on the edge of a major city and sitting in the middle of big development.  Thanks to good planning, we can do that.  So most of us who live in Ashburn can still go out on our porches and in our backyards and see more than a hundred stars on a good night beyond the tree lines.
    Our project begins this year engaging students to collect data on the magnitude of sky glow using SQM meters.  They'll be taking readings at night in their own front yards.  These meters have an accuracy of +/- 0.1 and are easy to use.  We are also working in collaboration with Globe at Night, an international organization of citizen-scientists who are measuring night sky brightness by counting the number of stars visible in common constellations.  Our data will contribute to the public awareness of how our night sky is changing with time world wide.
Last Modified on September 14, 2017