• Name: _____________________ Date: __________________ Block: _____________

    Big Question: _________________________________________________________________

    BQ Honors Assessment Checklist and Grade Sheet

    What should students submit for the BQ Final Assessment Project?

    ü  Multi-media presentation- _______________________________ (format used)          67 pts.

    ü  BQ (strongest artifacts) Essay- double-spaced, 12 font                                                           50 pts.

    ü  Works Cited Page/ MLA (include for presentation & essay                                                   8 pts.

    ü  BQ Write-Ups for all 10 artifacts (summary, analysis, connection)                                     15 pts.

    ü  BQ Collage                                                                                                                                       5 pts.

    BQ Artifact Essay

    Section 1

    Hook, BQ topic identified, BQ importance/connection stated/ BQ effectively/ clearly stated/2 strongest BQ artifacts briefly introduced/ answer to the BQ  serves as the thesis statement







    Possible Points- 10 pts.              ____________                                       

    Section 2

    Transition, strong topic sentence used to introduce first artifact (#1).  Of the 10 required artifacts, what makes Artifact #1 so important or valuable in answering the BQ?  Don’t assume the reader knows about this resource (artifact).  What aspect of the BQ does this artifact represent?  Discuss the significance of this artifact, then link it to the next artifact (concluding sentence that ties to the upcoming artifact)


    Possible Points- 15 pts.                    ____________


    Section 3

    Transition, topic sentence.  Discus Artifact #2 in the same manner that Artifact #1 is discussed.  Be sure to link your artifacts together.



    Possible Points- 15 pts.             ___________

    Section 4

    Overall, what’s so special about both of the artifacts?  Identify their connection to each other, and the BQ.  How did the chosen artifacts lead to your answer?  Conclude with your final stance on the topic


    Possible Points- 10pts.                   _____________



    Notes: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

















    BQ Presentation __________________________ (format used)                                            Name: _________________________

    BQ: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________




    Research Process


    Content 1


    Content 2:

    10 Artifacts

    Artifact Discussion


















    Total Points




    a)        the beginning of the presentation presents the overall topic and draws the audience into the presentation  __________

    b)        the connection between the student and the BQ/topic are evident and clear (purpose/value)                          __________


    Research Process:

    a) evident that research took place                                                                                                                                          ___________        

    b) accurately researched a variety of information sources                                                                       ____________

    Content 1:               Content is written clearly and concisely with a logical sequence of ideas and supporting information    ____________

    Content 2

    a)        10 Artifacts are included in the presentation                                                                                                     ____________

    b)        Artifacts are discussed thoroughly                                                                                            ____________


    a)        the presentation is visually pleasing, neat, and not too distracting.

    b)        the project’s design contributes to the overall message

    c)        appropriate use of space, headings, bullets, text, and images


    a)        easy to read and font size varies between headings and texts                                                 ___________

    b)        use of italics, bold, and indentions enhances readability                                                         ___________

    c)        text is appropriate in length for the purpose (answering BQ)                                                   ___________

    d)        background and colors enhance the readability of the presentation                                       ___________

    Effectiveness: Project includes all of the necessary information in order to answer the BQ                    ___________

    Organization: The chosen sequence of artifacts and all information is logical and supports answering BQ            ____________

    Technical:  all sound, video, and all other files/links are active and running properly                                                 ____________

    Visuals: all of the images used are appropriate and helpful in answering the BQ                                     ___________

    Spelling & Grammar: there are no significant grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling errors ___________