In May 2016, seventh grade science students will be exploring the structure of vertebrate and invertebrate organisms. A crayfish will be used for the invertebrate and a perch for the vertebrate dissection in the classroom. The objective for learning will be to investigate the characteristics of major animal phyla (LS.1b,         LS.1i, LS.1j, and LS.4c).


    In accordance with Virginia Board of Education guidelines, alternative assignments to these dissections will be offered to seventh grade science students as requested. This may consist of a virtual dissection, scientific report, charts, videotapes, and/or construction of a model; followed by an evaluation to show that the student has met/mastered the learning standards.  


    We encourage students to participate in this dissection.


    Please contact your student’s TMS science teacher with questions and/or concerns pertaining to these upcoming dissection assignments.



    Thank you in advance –


    TMS 7th grade Life Science Teachers