•    Dual Enrollment



    DE courses through Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) are available for students typically in 11th and 12th grades, and students must meet a GPA criteria prior to enrollment. In addition, there may be certain prerequisites required for specific courses. The transferability of a college course to another college or university for credit is determined by the receiving institution. Normally, academic courses intended for transfer with a grade of “C” or better will transfer to four-year institutions of higher learning; however, no guarantee can be made to students regarding transferability to all colleges and universities. This information may be found on most college and university websites or by contacting the office of admissions. 

    Click HERE for detailed steps on how to register for your DE course. Be sure to review the Student User Guide when completing registration steps.

    24-25 LCPS District Course Listing

    Dual Enrollment Transcripts:

    • Request your end-of-year DE transcript directly from NOVA by following the instructions found HERE
    • LCPS DOES NOT send DE transcripts to colleges