• Marketing I  Quarter 4  
    April 18:   Business Communication Packet Assignment  100 Points ( 25 points for each form of communication)
    April 22-26:  Belote with DECA students at National competition.  Students viewed the video "We Bought a Zoo" and applied visual merchandising techniques.  Video Lesson sheet assignment.
    April 28:  PPT Lesson: Risk Management  Brief teacher lecture from Risk Management PPT with class discussion.  Students then broke in to small groups of 2-3 people to complete the Risk Management assignment on the last slide of the PPT lesson.  50 Point assignment.
    May 2:  Students viewed educational video, "Marketing Research".  Students made notes of important concepts regarding how to conduct marketing research to prepare for class project- Gathering Information to Improve Sales in the Falcons' Nest.
    May 4:  Brief review and discussion of the following concepts:  marketing information management; primary research; secondary research; quantitative research and qualitative research; surveys and focus groups; demographics; and target market.  Students discussed best options for conducting primary research on the target market of The Falcons' Nest.  In groups of 2-3 people, students prepared an online survey that will be administered to the Briar Woods student population.  The purpose of the survey is to gather information that will help determine reasons for decline in sales over the past one year.  Submit questionnaire to mbelote@lcps.org by the end of the class block.  50 Point assignment. 
    May 6:  Brief lesson explaining the parts of the marketing plan and how marketing research becomes part of that plan.   Hand Out:  Components of a Marketing Plan.  Students work with a partner to identify the type of research that would be needed in order to integrate that research in to a good marketing plan. Submit handout/notes for 50 point class assignment.
    May 10:   PPT Lesson: Selling-breif lecture and class discussion on selling.  Students work independently or with a partner to create a sales presentation that applies the steps of the sale and knowledge of processing a sale.  Two in-class days are allotted for preparing the presentation.  Students present on May 16th and May 18th.
    May 12:  In class work on sales presentation.
    May 16:  Class presentations
    May 18: (SOL's)  Class presentations
    May 20:  (SOL's)  Developing a Career Project
    May 26:  Continue working on personal marketing plan
    May  31:  Complete Personal Marketing Plan.  June 1st is LAST day that Personal Marketing Plan will be accepted.
    June 2:  Last day for exempt seniors- Video Lesson  - Developing Professionalism
    June 6:  Senior Trip - Video Lesson- Developing Professionalism
    June 8-  
    June 10th- Block 1- Developing Professionalism
                     Block 2- Developing Professionalism
    June 14th:  Block 1- Developing Professionalism
                      Block 2-  Qtr Project Presentation- Personal Marketing Plan 
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