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    Grading Policy 2018-2019

    Please read carefully


    The world language department has adopted the 90/10 grading policy. Summative assessments will be 90% of the final grade and formative assessments will be 10%.


    • Summative assessments occur at the end of teaching and include scheduled quizzes, unit tests, projects, presentations, quarterly CPA’s, exams.
    • Formative assessments are assignments that happen during class where we check for understanding. It includes class work, homework, and daily practice activities in class, pop quizzes.


    Quizzes and Tests – There will be short, frequent quizzes to group the new material and to encourage frequent review of new content. Anticipate a test at the end of every unit with no less than 2 classes notice.

    CPA and Exams –Students will complete a quarterly, writing and speaking CPA as well as mid-year and end of the year benchmark assessments.

    Projects – All projects are graded based a rubric to a rubric provided in advance with assignment’s expectations and due date.

    Homework – Your child will be immersed in a foreign language experience and most of his/her learning will occur during class. Productivity during class is heavily graded. Unless I assign a classwork to be completed at home, all class work is due at the end of the class. Late work due to student’s poor choices must be turned in the following class to receive partial credit. After that, no work will be accepted.

    Make up work due to student’s absence:

    For each day of absence, students will have 1 day to make up missed work.  Assignments will be posted on the teacher’s website, and a physical copy will be available in the classroom. Students are responsible completing all missed work. Late work will be marked down 1 point per school day.

    Re-take Policy

    Spanish I students will have the opportunity to retake TWO summative assessments per quarter if his/her grade is below 70%.  Students are required to follow a procedure before scheduling a reassessment with their teacher. I reserve the right to refuse the re-take option if a student is missing assignments, is frequently absent from class, and/or demonstrates lack of effort. 

    NOTICE: By county policy, re-takes are not permitted for CPAs as well as Midyear and End of the year benchmarks.  

    Conditions for re-takes

    1. All unit homework, study guides, test corrections and other assignments have been fully completed by the student prior to the assessment.
    2. Students' work habits must be satisfactory during the unit assessed.
    3. Students must complete the Retake Application and any other requirements established by the teacher.
    4. The re-test will be given on a date the teacher designates.
    5. Teachers reserve the right to refuse the re-take option if a student is missing assignments, is frequently absent from class, and/or shows lack of effort.

     Extra help:

    Should you need extra help, your teacher will be available AFTER SCHOOL during week days from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm by appointment. After school remediation group sessions also be available as needed.


    Retake Application