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    Dear Parent and Student,

    ¡Bienvenidos! I would like to welcome you as we begin or continue learning a key life skill in our times—the ability to communicate in another language. I look forward to a great year and to help you to become a successful learner. Please be aware that this is a high school level course, and much will be expected from you to satisfy your HS credit. The LCPS World Language curriculum is quite rigorous and is designed to develop proficiency in speaking, reading, writing, and listening comprehension, as well as to enhance your child’s understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic culture.


    Course Description:

    Students will communicate  in Spanish through the sequential development of listening, speaking, reading and writing and will develop awarness of the cultural aspects of language learning.


    Course Objectives and competencies


     Listening - The students will develop listening comprehension skills through exposure to various listening activities from fluent speakers as well as their teachers, and peers.


    Speaking - The students will develop confidence and take risk s using Spanish to communicate in situations such as: expressing feelings, responding to basic questions, greeting others, expressing ideas and opinions, talking freely in the target language, asking/giving directions, describing their daily life and surrounding s in a variety of situations.


    Reading - The students will develop reading comprehension skills through exposure to sight vocabulary, pictures as clue to meaning, a variety of reading strategies (silent, group, pairs), cognates, decoding words and the use of a glossary and dictionary.  


    Writing - The students will develop writing skills through exposure to a new alphabet, spelling, and phonemic awareness. The students will write basic sentences, dialogues, compositions, creative writing, personal letters, responses to questions and directed statements on a variety of topics.


    Culture - The students will learn to use appropriate formal and informal speech. In addition, the student will become aware of the daily life and customs of the Spanish speaking countries as well as their respective geography and history.


    Credit Information:

    This course provides one credit toward graduation requirement for an Advanced Studies Diploma (three years of one language or two years each of two languages).