• Digital Literacy Program
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      (This site is full of informative resources and strives to "rate, educate, and advocate for kids, families, and schools") 
      Students in second, third, fourth, and fifth grades participated in a series of lessons related to Digital Literacy.  We followed Common Sense Media's curriculum designed for elementary school grades.  The lessons included activitiesa and discussions to make the information appropriate and relevant.  Students also engaged in an enrichment activity either by creating in Wixie, playing a Digital Passport game (by Common Sense Education), or playing an Interland game (Google's Be Internet Awesome).
      Students received their instruction through our team of staff members; classroom teachers, Mrs. DiMagno in the library, Mrs. Pyle and Miss Schmidt in guidance, and Ms. Miller in the C Lab.
      We are excited to have these conversations with students to prepare for the present, and future, as digital citizens.  Be sure to talk with your child about what he/ she has learned!
      The topics that we covered include:

      2nd Grade: Chromebooks and the Internet, Internet Safety 

      (Students created safety posters in Wixie to share what they learned about Internet Safety)


      3rd Grade: Strong Passwords, Cyberbullying, Using Devices for Communication, Rings of Responsibility, and Is Seeing Believing 

      (Students changed their LCPS passwords, played the Digital Passport games Share Jumper and Twalkers, and edited themselves into photos in Wixie) 


      4th Grade: Cyberbullying, Plagiarism and Copyright, Privacy, and Email 

      (Students played the Digital Passport games Share Jumper and Mix-n-Mash, as well as Interland) 


      5th Grade: Cyberbullying, Can You Believe It, Privacy, and Email 

      (Students played the Digital Passport game Share Jumper, Interland, and created a believable photo and clickbait title in Wixie) 


      Digital Citizenship Resources: 

      Common Sense Family Media Agreement

      Common Sense Education’s Digital Passport Games – games to support digital citizenship lessons  (in LCPS Go)

      Be Internet Awesome – Google's Interland – games to support digital citizenship lessons (in LCPS Go)

      Common Sense Media Site– Age based media reviews, parent resource to navigate all things digital 

      Family Engagement Tool Kit - Great tips, articles, and videos to support digital citizenship at home (Common Sense Education Site)



      Our Digital Citizenship Vision:

      As members of a digital society, we believe it is important to utilize technology in a responsible manner, to be positive digital creators and contributors, to communicate respectfully with one another online, and to always follow safe practices to ensure the safety of our students and staff. 


      Mrs. DiMagno added some Digital Citizenship books to our school's library collection.
      Students are welcome to learn more by checking out these great reads!
       books  books
      digital citizenship books year 2  

      Check out these family tip sheets designed by Common Sense Education about the digital citizenship topics we covered:

      Here are some action shots during this year's Digital Citizenship Lessons

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