Please always use me as your first point of contact if you have questions or concerns about what we cover in class.  I am happy to meet with you during my resource times (blocks ½ A and ½ B) as time allows.  


    Class notes and important information are posted in your block’s Google Classroom.  The posts are in chronological order with the most recent information posted at the top.  These posts will have practice quizzes, CPAs, links to Quizlet sets to review vocabulary, and other resources to help you study at home. 


    I use a variety of formative activities and assessments in class to help guide my teaching.  These formative activities and assessments include listening and reading activities, games, online activities, practice quizzes, and speaking activities to help you practice the skills that we are learning and many times “recycle” skills from previous chapters and units.  Sometimes these activities will be logged into StudentVUE/ParentVUE and you will see the heading “Not For Grading” to let you know that the activity was formative in nature. I use formatives to routinely check in with students so that I know if they are ready for a summative assessment, or if we need more review.  


    Summative assessments are those that will be calculated towards your quarterly average.  These assessments are used at the end of a learning objective and may include quizzes and tests.  Summative grades may also be assigned from in-class projects and online review activities. Students will have ample class time to work on every summative assessment.   

    Summative quizzes and tests are always announced ahead of time and logged into ParentVUE/StudentVUE as soon as possible.  Summative assessments are important because they show if a student is proficient in an area, or if re-teaching and re-testing is necessary.  

    Please note that Loudoun County issues quarterly exams called CPAs that assess speaking and writing skills.  Due to the standardized nature of the CPA prompts, these tests are not eligible for a retake. Loudoun County also issues semester benchmark exams held at the end of quarter 2 and the end of quarter 4.  These tests include listening and reading in addition to the quarterly CPA exams. 


    For the most up to date information, please refer to StudentVUE/ParentVUE.  Upcoming assignments are posted as soon as they are announced in class and grades are posted as soon as possible after the assessment.  More details about each assessment are available by clicking on the name of the assessment.  

Last Modified on February 24, 2020