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    Welcome to Kindergarten at Sycolin Creek Elementary School! We are looking forward to a great school year and we can't wait for each of you to join our classes this fall. This page was created to provide information and resources that will be helpful as your child gets ready to begin school in August. If you have any questions about the information listed here, please send us an email.

    Important Dates

    First Day of School
     **Please check back for link to this school years calendar**
    Kindergarten Readiness Skills
    Reading & Writing:
    - Writing first name using upper and lowercase D'Nealian letters; here is an example
    - Identifying uppercase letters in a random order; here is a set of uppercase letter flashcards
    - Identifying lowercase letters in a random order; here is a set of lowercase letter flashcards
    - Producing individual letter sounds; here is a PowerPoint document with an example of the sounds; you can also visit Starfall.com for fun games.
    - Identifying numbers 0-10
    - Identifying shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, oval)
    - Counting aloud by 1's to 25
    Additional Skills:
    If your child is able to identify most uppercase and lowercase letters, you can begin teaching them about words. It's important to only introduce one new word to your child at a time. Here is a set of Level A flashcards. These are the words we'll focus on at the beginning of the school year.
Last Modified on June 10, 2020