• Indicator 1.1

    The school engages in a systematic, inclusive and comprehensive process to review, revise and communicate a school purpose for student success. 

    1. DHS 2020 Vision and Strategic Plan:  The 2020 Vision and Strategic plan states the school's purpose of the school and measurable objectives. 
    2. Dominion High School website:  The school's website prominently displays the 2020 Vision under announcements and communicates important information to our stakeholders. 
    3. Instructional Council Agenda:  Instructional Council (IC) consists of representative community members, parents, students, and faculty members. Volunteer representatives from each department and each instructional team serve as vital members of IC, whose primary focus is to enhance the quality of the student experience in Titan Territory toward the fulfillment of the 2020 Vision. The agenda is developed by the principal and is distributed to the entire staff approximately one week prior to the next meeting, so that members of IC may engage in professional dialogue about these issues with other members of our community, their team, or their department. As a result of this model, members of IC are empowered to truly serve as representatives for our entire community as we continue to pursue our 2020 Vision.
    4. School Improvement Team Agenda:  The school improvement team welcomes all staff members to their team meetings.  The team's focus is on using data to inform practices, track progress toward the Dominion High School 2020 Vision, and provide an open forum for staff to discuss areas of growth school wide.
    5. Staff Meeting Agenda:  Staff meetings are held once per quarter and the dates are announced at the beginning of the school year. The attendance of each and every staff member, including teachers, teacher assistants, counselors, custodians, cafeteria staff, and instructional specialists is anticipated at all staff meetings. The principal develops and circulates the agenda approximately one week prior to each meeting. Primary emphasis is placed upon instructional initiatives, celebration of our successes, and communication regarding significant events.  
    6. The Titan Times ATLAS Newsletter:  The ATLAS newsletter is sent to the community and to the school staff.   
Last Modified on December 9, 2016