• Standard 1

    Purpose and Direction: The school maintain and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as share values and beliefs about teaching and learning.


    1.1:  The school engages in a systematic, inclusive, and comprehensive process to review, revise, and communicate a school purpose for student success.


    The stakeholder feedback shows that standard 1.1 is a strength for Dominion High School. Dominion High School opened in 2003.  During their 10th year, the school assessed their progress and created a 2020 Vision.  This Vision was developed by including representatives from all stakeholders from Titan Territory.  The 2020 Vision was designed to promote high achievement among the most vulnerable students and to inspire each and every student to lead a life of significance with the goal of closing the achievement and opportunity gap.  Every action and decision taken by the administration and staff can be traced back to the school’s purpose.   


    Dominion High School offers multiple avenues for maintaining a dialogue and communicating about the 2020 Vision.  One of these venues is the Instructional Council.  The primary role of the Instructional Council, which consist of representative community members, parents, students, and faculty members, is to enhance the quality of the student experience in Titan Territory towards the fulfillment of the 2020 Vision.  Second, staff meetings are used to review any instructional initiatives that will be used towards the fulfillment of the 2020 Vision, as well as updates and celebration of successes.  Each school year begins with a thorough review and update of the academic indicators outlined in the 2020 Vision and strategic plan.  Third, the community, staff, students, and parents have a voice to make decisions through ATLAS, the Association of Titan Leaders Assisting Students.  ATLAS is the Dominion High School PTO that supports over 100 clubs, teams, and groups.  ATLAS raises funds that are used for priorities identified by the school and presented to ATLAS by Dr. Brewer.  A fourth venue for review of our school vision is the School Improvement Team.  The school improvement team is open to all staff member and their focus is to use data to inform school practices, track progress toward the 2020 Vision, and to provide an open forum for staff to discuss areas of growth school wide.     





    1.2:  The school’s leadership and staff commit to a culture that is based on shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning and support challenging, equitable educational programs and learning experiences for all students that include achievement of learning, thinking, and life skills.


    Dominion High School has a strong commitment to shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.  The school staff indicated that 1.2 was a strength for our school.  Staff members are offered a robust menu of professional development opportunities to support their efforts towards student engagement and achievement during the first three quarters of the school year.  The school has outlined specific instructional strategies that each staff member is expected to implement.  New staff members are invited to a week-long summer training through APL Associates.  These expectations are reinforced through their work with our school mentor.  There is a four-part series available to individuals that are further along in their teaching career to dive deeper into these instructional practices.  The staff also uses book talks to continue their growth as it relates to share values and beliefs.


    This is the first year that Dominion High School has not had common planning periods for each department.  This decision was based on lack of resources to support this structure.  This has provided us with an opportunity for next school year to find a way to build common planning blocks for departments that are able and willing to utilize it to its full potential.





    The school’s leadership implements a continuous improvement process that provides clear direction for improving conditions that support student learning.


    Dominion High School has a clear improvement plan with measureable goals and objectives.  Indicator 1.3 is seen as an area of strength by our staff.  As the administrative team analyzed the school improvement process, they did see that reviewing and evaluating the plan on a more consistent basis was an opportunity for improvement.  The school improvement team is working to include more stakeholders and to provide a venue for an open dialogue about the plan and progress towards meeting the outlined measureable goals and objectives.



Last Modified on December 7, 2016