• Global Leadership Week

    What is Global Leadership Week?
    Global Education Leadership Week (GLW) is a series of virtual and face to face events designed to celebrate leading through action in K-20 education.  GLW presents opportunities for educators and organizations to learn from one another and share effective leadership principles, particularly within the context of an interconnected, global age.  All events take place during the week of April 24-28 in order to coincide with Global Action Week.
    Call to Action: Design and host one activity or project for a leadership audience that will accomplish any of the following: (1) add to the international dialogue regarding globally connected teaching and learning; (2) educate leaders about international education programs; (3) call attention to the need and importance of fostering global competency in today's students and teachers. 
    Examples include: Book Discussion Debate Design Thinking Challenge or Workshop Film Screening Focus Group Guided Virtual Tour Informational Session Interview with an Expert Lecture Panel Discussion Performance Poetry Slam or Reading Publication (blog post, editorial, etc.) Survey Symposium Twitter Chat Webinar
    LCPS Contribution
    We will host a Twitter slow chat during the week of April 24th.
    Title of activity: Global Foundations for Teaching and Learning
    Description of activity: LCPS educators, and guests from around the world, will participate in a Twitter slow chat that will discuss what we can do to grow global citizens.

    Twitter Chat:

    When:  The questions will be posted daily at 9 am April 24-28

    How:  Log in to Twitter and simply search the hashtag #LCPSedchat

    Where:  Via Twitter... So whereever you and your phone are. ;)

    What:  Growing Global Citizens

    Hashtag:  #lcpsedchat

    Who:  Anyone interested in engaging about Global Education Leadership. This month’s Twitter chat will be guest moderated by @brazier1066 (William Brazier, Supervisor of Social Science and Global Studies in Loudoun County Public Schools).  Follow the moderator, for further collaboration and communication on Global Foundations.
    1. Introduce yourself and jump into the chat. Ask questions, answer questions. This chat is for you! Tip: Address someone directly by using their username if you are answering/asking them a question.
    2. Questions will start with a Q#.  When you answer please respond with A#.
    3. Every tweet must include the #lcpsedchat to be seen by the group.
    4. This month’s chat is moderated by @brazier1066, and @jbreynoldstrt. If you have any questions please tweet the moderators.
    5. Remember: This is a slow chat so please check back regularly and contribute to the discussion

Last Modified on April 20, 2017