Dear Parents/Guardians,


    Your senior student will have an amazing opportunity to embark upon an exciting educational journey by opting to participate in the Eagle Capstone Project. The goal of this experience is to transition students away from subject-centric learning to a real-life experience that will be relevant to the next stage of their lives and allow them to showcase their personal and academic growth.  The project will be part of the 12th grade Social Science curriculum and will be facilitated by all government teachers.


    Students will select from one of the two project strands defined below. Each strand is unique and provides students the opportunity to explore areas of specific interest, as well as allowing them to demonstrate their personal strengths. The intent of the Capstone is to encourage and motivate students to engage in a project that has direct applicability to their post high school goals and aspirations. Most importantly, the Capstone should represent an area of focus that they are passionate about and will have FUN doing! Students will be provided with two weeks in May during which they will complete the final phase of the Capstone project off-campus and then do a presentation in early June.


    Service-Oriented Strand Students choosing this strand will work on a community service project. For instance, students may develop and implement a unique promotion for raising funds for the local food bank; a community clean-up effort of a public area such as a park, beach, or school; a field-trip or seminar of interest for members of an elderly home; a clothing drive for a homeless shelter; or perhaps even begin their own non-profit to address an unmet community need.


    Career-Exploration Strand Students who choose this strand will complete an internship in the career field the student intends to pursue after high school. Students will begin by researching a career area of interest. After identifying a career area of interest, the student will research and identify a local company or organization that will sponsor them for internship. If the student is unable to identify a company or organization, the Capstone Administrator will attempt to assist with this search effort.


    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.




    The Eagle Capstone Committee