• Liberty Flying Five's Bring Your Own Technology Database

    We  created a database for teachers and students to use that includes apps, websites, and tools that work with BYOT and we are encouraging teachers to utilize the BYOT initiative.  Each grade level has their own database that specifically matches their curriculum needs. Students are excited for BYOT in schools, however, they have seen a decrease in use.  Teachers are not always utilizing the BYOT that students have, therefore, students are no longer bringing in their devices.  Our database is for both teachers and students to use and rely on.  This database is an easy way for teachers to implement new BYOT ideas in their lessons without re-inventing the wheel or spending numerous hours researching new technology.  Students have access to the database so they know what apps to upload, what technology to get familiar with, and what they'll be using in the years ahead.

    Hope you enjoy! 
    Liberty Flying Five Team  
    Below you'll see tools to help you search by grade level, subject, etc. to help you find whatever you may be looking for!  If you would like to see the entire list just click "search".  To revise your search just refreshed the page! (You do not need to choose something for each heading, for example, you can just choose "fifth" for the grade and see all apps/websites for all subjects). 
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