• We have all known and know students who are very capable but who, for a variety of reasons, are not well-suited for either a two- or four-year college.  For some, they enjoy something hands-on where they can put their finger on what they have done, are filled with pride at their accomplishments, and cannot enjoy nearly as much working behind a computer, filling out reports, engaging in meeting after meeting, or spending most of their time on the phone.  For others, they do not have the discipline to make themselves sit down and do what must be done academically to make it through college.  And for others, they do not have the means (or willingness to borrow all the money they would need to borrow or have home responsibilities that preclude their attending college) to pay for college.  And of course, there are students who really do not have the ability to do college level work.  Nationally, 53 out of every 100 high school graduates do not graduate from a two year college within three years or from a four year college within six years.  What are their prospects for earning a good salary and being able to provide for their families in a comfortable fashion?


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