Douglass students have received instruction on internet safety, digital citizenship, and the evaluation of online information, provided by the school librarians, technology resource teacher, or their English teacher, in preparation to participate in the LCPS BYOT program.  
    We are using Common Sense Media's curriculum  to ensure our students have the skills and knowledge to make smart, responsible, respectful, and safe choices when they are online.    
    Parents can access additional information on online safety at Loudoun County Public Schools maintains a list of valuable resources on their Internet Safety webpage. 

    Douglass School believes educating students on their rights and responsibilities in the digital world in which they live is imperative. In preparation of continuing and expanding opportunities for students to interact in a digital environment, we have implemented the Digital Citizenship curriculum from Common Sense Media. Becoming a digitally certified school allows our students to pursue their learning in an environment they understand and are ready to use to reach out to others in an ethical and safe way. This provides opportunities for authentic learning and global connections.

    Parent involvement in this process is very important.  Having consist expectations at home and at school can provide a great foundation for student digital citizenship.  Please take advantage of the provided resources to discuss technology expectations for home and school.

    Common Sense Media - Parent Concerns Videos

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