• Why Private Lessons?
    Private lessons are a GREAT way for you to child to get ahead in band, get more individualized help, or just another avenue to play outside of the band class. Many students in our band program take lessons and find them to be a great way to work on specific difficulties they are having on their instrument. If your child is interested in private lessons, please look at the list below and contact any of the teachers for your child's instrument directly.


    Elisa Gutierrez - elgutierr.flute@gmail.com - 703.864.1492

    Susan Hayes - snhflute@aol.com - 703.625.1997

    Yvonne Kocur - yvonne.kocur@gmail.com

    Amanda Smith - Amanda.B.Smith@lcps.org

    Shannon Rivera- students@mintonsmusic.com
    Jasmeen Miller - jasmeen.miller@lcps.org


    Wendy Hodge - wendycaudlehodge@gmail.com - 256-701-0085

    Samantha Charriez- Samantha.Charriez@lcps.org


    Kelly Stratil - kstratil@aol.com - 703.927.4885



    Sarah Mascara - sarah.horback@gmail.com

    Rebecca McFarland- rjmclarinet@gmail.com (full, email to be put on waitlist)

    Jared Eastridge - jared.eastridge@gmail.com

    Betty Bley- bleyclarinetstudio@gmail.com

    Carolyn Robblee- carolyn.robblee@lcps.org

    Melissa Payes- melissa.payes@lcps.org



    Kim Hrynyk - Kimberly.Hrynyk@lcps.org

    Kurtis Wheeler - kwheele4@gmu.edu

    Sarah Mascara - sarah.horback@gmail.com

    David LaMay-cayman1@mac.com
    Greg Stickeler- gregstickeler@yahoo.com
    Ted Hasko - 703.430.8060
    Jason Miller - jymiller@fcps.edu

    Dave Doescher- davesax22@gmail.com

    French Horn

    Avery Pettigrew - avery.pettigrew@gmail.com

    Aaron Cockson - aaroncockson@gmail.com

    Bryan Fay - bryan.fay@lcps.org



    Dave Detwiler- det3355@aol.com

    Tim Dickson - tadickson@comcast.net - 540.338.7538

    Blakely Rosengaft - bcstrumpet@hotmail.com 

    Brandon Toma- brandon.toma13@gmail.com


    Low Brass

    Tricia Neff - tclarkneff@verizon.net - 703.729.7786

    Adam Stokes - astokes127@gmail.com

    Demarr Woods - demarrswoods@gmail.com

    Chris Buckley - pooreuph@gmail.com

    David Rosengaft - Davidrosengaft@gmail.com - 703.939.1734

    Alex Minton- students@mintonsmusic.com

    Andrew Giotta- andrew.giotta@lcps.org


    Daniel Heagney - danielheagney@gmail.com - 703.404.9955

    James Swarts - jrswarts@gmail.com - 503.810.3208 
     Adam Riley- riley.adam25@gmail.com