• lovebooks Hey Ravens, did you just finish reading a book?
    Are you looking for a new author, book, or series to read?
    Since I can't be there in person to recommend a book for you to try, I've created some resources to help you find one on your own. On this page you will find links to 
    websites that can help you find your next favorite book to read. Just click on the pictures below to start looking for your new reading adventures! 
    BT BookTrustSimply choose an age range books, then pick as many themes as you want to search through thousands of book reviews to help you find what you want to read next.
    infosoup infosoup's What to Read Next: Kids Page - Explore new and award winning books for kids of all ages.
    whonext  Who Next...? - Writers of children’s fiction are listed with suggestions of other authors who write in a similar way, together with key book and series titles.


Last Modified on June 9, 2021