Explore the World

    Driving Question: How can we as cartographers (map makers) help people prepare for a trip around the world?
    In order to learn about important land features in the different continents, students worked collaboratively in small groups to research and map out important features on their given continent. Then, they had to develop a plan on how DASH, the robot, would get from one place to the next, coding him using their knowledge of cardinal directions!
    Third Grade Zoo 

    Driving Question: How can we, as zoologists, determine what adaptations are needed to survive and thrive in a specific ecosystem?


    How do an animals physical adaptations effect where it lives? After choosing a specific ecosystem, the students will have to create a fictitious animal that would be able to survive in their particular habitat due its physical adaptations. Parents and friends are then welcome to explore our Third Grade Zoo where they will experience habitats ranging from hot, to cold, to wet, and will see the wide variety of animals that are able to live in each!


    Watch this link to see more! Third Grade Zoo - the Tundra


    Dream Vacation 

    Driving Question: How can we plan an entertaining family vacation on a budget?

    Trying to plan a family vacation?! Our third graders can help you out! After learning the skills of adding and subtracting money, our third grade students planned a "dream vacation" on a budget. Each student was given a limit of how much they could spend and then had to find a flight, hotel, and calculate in food without going OVER BUDGET! Take a look at some options that might help you plan your own Spring Break or Summer vacation trip!


    Example 1 Example 4

    Example2 Example 3


    Natural Resources

    Driving Question: How can we, as third grade conservationists, educate our communicate on how to conserve and recycle?


    Why is it so important that we begin to make little changes in our daily lives to conserve and recycle? Through this PBL, the students find out why! From conserving water, to decreasing pollution, our students research these hot topics and what WE can do to help. Then, they present their information for the community to benefit from in a paperless way!


    Student Example 1

    Student Example 2


    School Store

    Driving Question: How can we, as small business owners, choose and sell high demand products which will make the most profit in order to benefit the local food pantry?

     What better way to learn about Economics concepts, than to actually experience them first hand! Through this project, our third grader classrooms each choose a school supply product to specialize in. Then, they market that product to the school however they see fit. Our project culminates by the third graders running a 3 day school store, where the students in other grade levels are able to view and purchase these products. About half of our proceeds made, gets donated to our local food pantry in order to help those who are unable to get everything they NEED!
    Example 1      example 2          example 3
    Ancient Hotel
    Driving Question: How can we, as an ancient architect, design a authentic hotel to showcase the aspects of the ancient civilizations.
    After learning about some of the contributions given to us from the Ancient civilizations, students work in collaborative teams to design either an Anient Rome or Ancient Greek hotel, making it authentic to that particular culture. Individually, students research and produce products for other aspects of the hotel i.e. food, artwork, clothing for the shops, and special rooms and activities - all specific to their selected culture!
    hotel 1         hotel 2          hotel 3