Hello to all.  Just wanted to take a moment to share a few items with you guys.  Because everyone hasn't finished presenting their You Teach Week Presentations, we will use a Critical Perspectives Quiz for our summative grade for Quarter 2.  Several students and parents reached out to me over the break inquiring about how the "snow break" has impacted our class schedules drastically.  Because of the weather and the county "testing window", some students still will not have presented by the end of the quarter. 

    Please remember that we have been studying this content for OVER 3 MONTHS!!  Each class period we focus on some aspect of Critical Perspectives.  We have had classwork & homework related to the various lenses.  Students had to create mini-lessons that covered their specific assigned lenses( in class and outside task).  Each day students are reminded to study the lenses as homework.  Each day, we incorporate at least one of the critical lenses within our bell-ringer, classwork, exit ticket, or homework.  At the end of each teams'  presentation, I reminded students to keep up with the handouts their peers created and disseminated during their lessons.  The handouts that students passed out were great study tools; hence the specific part of the YTW requirement- "create a valuable study tool for students to use while studying the various lenses".  If a student was following directions and studying each night, as instructed, it stands to reason, he or she would do fairly well on the quiz.  If a student didn't do any of the above activities, then he or she may not do so well on the quiz.  If Ms. Smiley reminded students to study their notes every day, then students should be prepared to rock out on the quiz.  Students are not given the option of using their graphic organizers on this quiz, although they have been given that option before during the unit.  If students continuously use the graphic organizers instead of studying, they would never truly prepare for the quiz because they could just get the answers off the graphic organizer.

    In trying to be flexible and fair, I opted to give the quick quiz (summative assignment) prior to the end of the grading period.  Due to the weather, that was the only logical thing to do since every group wouldn't have had a chance to present their lessons and give their own quiz to the class.  Once all groups have presented, I will put the grades in for Qtr. 3.  We will have a major TEST on the perspectives later on during Qtr. 3.  We will continue focusing on the different critical perspective lenses as we continue to cover British Literature.  It is my hope that all students will do well on the TEST.  Because of the amount of time, energy, and effort we have put into these concepts, students were informed at the beginning of the unit, that we would be "dancing with the lenses" for a while.  We started the journey back in October, so none of the information that is covered on the quick quiz is new material.  Everyone has had ample time to study their notes and express areas of concern