• Practice and Demo Video for the New Online ACCESS for ELLs Test

    You may watch the video and take the practice tests as many times as you would like until you feel comfortable with the tests' format.

    If you are not using Google Chrome to access this web page, open Google Chrome now. Copy and paste the link at the bottom into your browser window.

    Why is it important to do your best and take this test seriously?

    • Your results on this four-part test determine your schedule for next year.
    • You must score at least a 5.1 average overall AND at least a 5.1 average on your reading and writing tests to leave the ELL program.
    • By showing progress in learning academic English for school, you show that your ready for the more advanced classes that will help you earn your high school diploma.

     All students taking the test should learn as much as possible about the new format and be prepared to do their best work.


    Click here to access the practice items.

Last Modified on November 4, 2019