• Welcome Loudoun Valley Music Parents!


    Welcome to the Loudoun Valley High School Music Parents Association (LVHS MPA)! Because you have a student involved in a music program at Loudoun Valley High School, you just became a member. Congratulations! We are a 501(c)3 organization that exists to provide support to the award winning music education programs at Loudoun Valley High School and the students who participate in them. What does that mean? Well, the MPA supports all band, orchestra, and choral activities at LVHS. The MPA does this by providing logistical, financial, and scholarship support throughout the academic year and even during the summer break when the Viking Marching Band begins its preparations for the Fall and Winter seasons during three weeks of band and drum camp before school begins.


    You need to know that each student has the chance to build a Student Account that may help defray costs such as music fees, uniform costs, concert attire, and the Spring Trip or Trips.  By participating in fundraisers, they are able to help pay part of those expenses.


    So what can you do?  The opportunities to help are virtually endless.  Here are a number of areas in which you may participate.  Don’t feel that you can’t do more than one, and remember that any involvement, even occasionally, is better than no involvement!


    -          Spring Trip(s):  Help with logistics and travel activities.

    -          Chaperones:  Students cannot get to events without adult supervision.

    -          Uniforms and Concert Attire:  Help with sizing, ordering, distribution, and maintenance.

    -          Food:  Participate in food activities for a variety of events throughout the year including the LVHS Showcase, concessions, and award dinners.

    -          Events:  The LVHS Showcase (a major Marching Band competition) scheduled for Saturday, October 7th.  This is a Marching Band event which earns funds for the entire music program.

    -          Pit Crew:  Supports the loading and unloading of Marching Band & Indoor Drumline instruments and equipment for football games and competitions.

    -          Trailer Support:  Drivers and support staff for the vehicle and trailer used to transport musical equipment to events throughout the year, including the Spring Trip(s), jazz concerts, music assessments, and more.

    -          Fundraising:  Coordinate and participate in various fundraising activities throughout the year.  Some fundraisers include:

    o    Tag Day (chairperson:  NEEDED)

    o    Yankee Candle (chairperson:  Mary Syrett)

    o    Holiday Greenery & Nuts (chairperson:  Jennifer Bodamer & Kathleen Klavon)

    o    Super Bowl Hoagie Sale (chairperson:  Krista Winger)

    o    And More!


    Please watch for the sign-up sheets at music events and email requests for assistance.  The MPA realizes that everyone’s time is valuable.  We believe that the time you spend investing in your student’s love of music will be paid back in uncountable ways.


    If you have any questions about the MPA or its activities, please contact MPA President Jody Bell by email at jbell06@gmail.com or MPA Vice President Steve Syrett by email at steve.r.syrett@gmail.com.


    The MPA meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Band Room, with our first meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 6th.  We look forward to seeing you then!



    Your 2017/2018 MPA Board:

    Jonathan (Jody) Bell, President

    Steve Syrett, VP

    Robert Holt, Treasurer

    Kristin Staudt, Secretary