• Who can join MSAAC?

    Any student, parent, or teacher in LCPS can join MSAAC. You do not have to be a delegate to attend meetings, nor do you have to identify as a minority. We welcome and encourage all LCPS community members join!

    Why are MSAAC members necessary and important?

    MSAAC members are necessary and important because they are critical to:

    • Dissemination: To carry out the mission of MSAAC, we need members to broadcast information discussed during MSAAC General Board Meetings with the broader LCPS community.  Dissemination helps increase community awareness and knowledge of initiatives and programs within LCPS in support of positive student experiences.
    • Openness:  Members are needed to advocate for LCPS students.  MSAAC encourages members to be open and honest about their observations, needs and ideas so collectively we can affect student abilities to learn and excel in a welcoming and inclusive environment. 
    • Representation:  Members include parents, teachers, administrators and even students. Members are essential to our meetings because they provide valuable insights into the experiences, needs and priorities of our student community. 
    • Solutions: Effective conversations and problem solving discussions must include everyone responsible for the care and education of the student. 


    What are the benefits of being involved with MSAAC?

    By being a member of MSAAC, you gain:

    • Access:  Getting connected with various LCPS and community resources will help support/impact your child's learning experience and the experiences of other children as well. 
    • Speed:  Attending meetings will permit timely identification and response to parent concerns and issues that impact the quality of our students' learning experiences. 
    • Voice:  Being a part of MSAAC allows you to speak directly with educators and policy makers. These types of forums promote productive conversations and hopefully a better understanding that positive outcomes require a relationship between student, parent and teacher.   Effective and open communication between stakeholders will enable this motivated body to affect change from within MSAAC across the entire LCPS district. 
    • Efficiency:  By sharing with each other, we can more effectively and efficiently identify and solve problems and affect change across LCPS without always recreating the wheel. 
    • Education: Being an active member of MSAAC means you will be more informed, have a better understanding of diverse perspectives and views, be more aware of LCPS student programs and resources, and achieve greater self-awareness.  By reflecting on what we learn and share as MSAAC members we can make appropriate personal adjustments so we can minimize the effects of biases within our community and eliminate barriers that our students may be facing as they endeavor to achieve a positive and fulfilling educational and community experience. 

    How can I get more information about upcoming MSAAC meetings (time, location, speakers)?

    • Website: Information about past and future MSAAC General Membership meetings to include dates, times and locations is available on the General Membership meetings tab on the left side of the LCPS MSAAC webpage.  The site can be accessed at the following address:  https://www.lcps.org/Domain/102
    • Twitter: @LCPSMSAAC 
    • FaceBook: LCPS Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee – MSAAC

    How can I find out what was discussed and shared at past MSAAC meetings?

    • Meeting minutes and presentations shared at past MSAAC General Membership meetings are available to the public on the MSAAC webpage.  Materials related to a specific meeting can be accessed by clicking on the “General Membership Meetings” tab on the left side of the LCPS MSAAC webpage and clicking on the date of interest.  The MSAAC webpage can be found at the following address:  https://www.lcps.org/Domain/102

    Who should I contact if I have a question, concern or an issue that I don’t feel comfortable sharing at an MSAAC general membership meeting? 

    • Delegate/Alternate related questions, concerns or issues should be directed to the Membership Committee Chair, msaacmembership@lcps.org.  

    Why does MSAAC need delegates and alternates from each school?

    MSAAC depends on delegates and alternates for the following:

    • Dissemination: To carry out the mission of MSAAC outside of the general body meetings and to broadcast information discussed during MSAAC General Membership meetings with broader LCPS community.
    • Responsiveness:  Represent, share, and advocate for any special issues or concerns that may exist in your school community that affect student abilities to learn in a welcoming and inclusive environment. 
    • Decisions: MSAAC delegates/alternates are voting members (executive board members, initiatives, and amendments). As a subcommittee of the LCPS school board, MSAAC serves in an advisory capacity to the school board, providing commentary on specific issues such as hiring, discipline and achievement outcomes.  


    What does MSAAC expect from delegates/alternates before, during and after monthly meetings?

    • Prepare:  Before MSAAC General Membership meetings, delegates/alternates should prepare by talking with their school principal and/or school administration about the topics that will be covered at the next MSAAC Membership meeting and gathering related school data or insights.  Also, discuss any current school needs or concerns that should be shared at the next MSAAC Membership meeting. Be prepared to propose new areas of focus that impact student learning and achievement. 
    • Partner:  MSAAC delegates/alternates should partner at all times with their school principal, administration, PTA, and PTSO.  MSAAC delegates/alternates are encouraged to meet with their principals, administration, teachers and parents to give updates about past meetings, gain insights regarding topics at upcoming meetings and learn about current and future student needs for discussion at future MSAAC meetings. 
    • Participate:  Delegates/Alternates are expected to attend monthly MSAAC General Membership meetings regularly.  Participation involves being actively involved in the meeting.  Involvement means asking questions, sharing ideas, suggesting solutions, brainstorming with your cluster, etc.  As a parent representative you are the eyes and ears of your school and as a result your insights and ideas are expected at all monthly MSAAC General Membership meetings.  
    • Share:  Delegates/Alternates are expected to share information discussed at MSAAC General Membership meetings (e.g. resources, upcoming meeting topics, special events, etc.) with their respective school and school community as well as parent groups (PTA, PTSO, etc.).   Leveraging our networks to share information will more quickly and effectively enable positive learning environments for LCPS children. 

    How do MSAAC delegates and alternates share information with their school and school community?

    Some suggested ways to ensure proper communication with your school and community include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Attending and sharing MSAAC information at parent group meetings (PTA, PTSO, etc.); get on the agenda. 
    • Holding meetings with your respective school for interested parents who can’t attend the other parent group meetings, but want to receive info on MSAAC. 
    • Meeting with your school’s principal, administrative staff and/or Parent Liaison before an MSAAC General Membership meeting to discuss upcoming MSAAC topics and general school needs and challenges; become better prepared to participate in future MSAAC meetings. 
    • Creating an MSAAC page on your school website to help parents and families become more aware of MSAAC and related resources. 
    • Advertising MSAAC General Membership meetings, resources and related events (E.g. academic fair) in coordination with your school administration on the school website, ConnectEd, school newspaper, Facebook, etc.

    As an MSAAC Delegate/Alternate, how do I know what I should discuss with my principal or share at my school PTA meeting?

    • Starting in January 2016, the MSAAC General Membership meeting minutes will include a section dedicated to delegates/alternates.  This section will include actions that MSAAC needs your help with along with key dates and important resources.  Generally speaking, the content of the meeting minutes is what MSAAC wants you to share with your school and community.  
    • The meeting minutes can be found on the MSAAC webpage under the tab, “General Membership Meetings” at the following link:  https://www.lcps.org/domain/102.
Last Modified on September 3, 2020