FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR
    Here is YOUR chance
    to serve YOUR school! 
    The PTA is looking for officers to serve on the PTA Executive Committee for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are also looking for individuals to serve as a Chairperson for various committees.  Click here for a brief position of each position and committee:  Board & Committee Roles.  For a more detailed description of officer duties, click here: Appendix B: Roles & Responsibilities.
    If you are interested in serving on the Board or as a Committee chair for next year or you have questions, please contact Jenny Pittman, Chairman, Elections Committee, at vpvolunteers@jmlpta.org.  A slate of officers will be presented at the PTA meeting on March 19 and elections will be held at the PTA meeting on April 23.
    Several awesome women have jumped in to volunteer for open positions.  They will be nominated at the PTA meeting on March 19.  
    President:  Gina Fink
    Vice President (Volunteers): Kimberly Lisack
    Vice President (Communications): Edith Yanez
    Treasurer: Rachael Canonica
    To see candidate bios, please click here:  Candidate Bios
    We are still looking for nominees for Secretary, Vice President (Events) and Vice President (Fundraising).  Won't you join us??

    Congratulations and thank you to the parents who agreed to serve on JML PTA's Executive Board for 2018-2019
    Sherry Zamora, President
    Rachael Canonica, Vice President (Events)
    Jenny Pittman, Vice President (Volunteers & Committees)
    Edith Yanez, Vice President (Communications)
    VACANT, Vice President (Fundraising)
    Amy Sfaelos, Treasurer
    Susan Farey, Secretary
    To see bios for these officers, please click here:  Candidate Bios
    PTA OFFICERS 2018-2019
    President - Sherry Zamora
    VP Volunteers & Committees - Jenny Pittman
    VP Communications - Edith Yanez
    VP Events - Rachael Canonica
    VP Fundraising - VACANT
    Recording Secretary - Susan Farey
    Treasurer - Amy Sfaelos
    Click here for JML PTA Officer job descriptions.


    JML PTA Committee Chairs 2018-2019

    Birthday on the Marquee (VPCommunications@jmlpta.org) - Edith Yanez

    Box Tops (BoxTops@jmlpta.org) - Lara Larson

    Bulletin Board ManagerOPEN

    Green Team (GreenTeam@jmlpta.org) - OPEN

    Historian / Photographer (Historian@jmlpta.org) - OPEN

    LEAP Liaison - Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents (LEAP@jmlpta.org) - Scott Josslyn

    LEAP Liaison (Alternate) (LEAP2@jmlpta.org) - OPEN

    Lego Robotics (Lego@jmlpta.org) - Michael Seymour

    Membership / Directory (position will be done by end of October) (Membership@jmlpta.org) - Karen Grant

    MSAAC Representative - Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC@jmlpta.org) - David Jenkins

    Nominations & Elections - Jenny Pittman (vpvolunteers@jmlpta.org)

    Odyssey of the Mind (OOTM@jmlpta.org) - Meenal Manikandan

    Reflections Chair (Reflections@jmlpta.org) - Meenal Manikandan

    Retail Programs (Retail@jmlpta.org) - Rachael Canonica

    Science Olympiad (ScienceOlympiad@jmlpta.org) - Kursten Szabos

    SEAC Representative - Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC@jmlpta.org) - Jennifer Gauvreau

    Spirit Wear (SpiritWear@jmlpta.org) - Sherry Zamora

    Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW@jmlpta.org) - OPEN

    Teacher Welcome Lunch (Welcome@jmlpta.org) - Susan Farey

    JML PTA Bylaws
    Our current PTA bylaws may be found here:  Current Bylaws 
    Officer Roles & Responsibilities: Appendix B

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