• One-to-the-World
    Loudoun County's new One-to-the-World Initiative challenges teachers to create learning experiences for students focused on:
    • Significant Content and Important Competencies,
    • Authentic, Challenging Problems in the World,
    • Public Product for the World,
    • Connection with the World. 
    Here are some of the One-to-the-World projects underway in the English Department:
    • Aetos Academic Journal:  (Entire Department) -- The English Department published our first annual online edition of our academic journal in June. featuring outstanding student essays at all grade levels. The journal provides a real-world audience for work that often lacks such exposure because publication opportunities at the high school level usually focus on creative pieces. It also teaches students about the role of the academic journal in English research at the college and professional levels.

    • Extreme Reading Buddies: 9th Grade Academic English Reading Seminar (O'Foran/Weatherly) --  High school students who are working on improving reading comprehension skills have been paired with 2nd grade buddies in Ms. Schmidt's class at Liberty Elementary School. The high school students research the specific reading needs of their second grade buddies, practicing in the FHS classroom in implementing those strategies.  Then they put that research into practice during face-to-face meetings with their buddies approximately twice per quarter. Throughout the year, the high school students track their buddies' progress, and in late May, they present this data to their buddies at a celebration in their honor. 

    • The Problem We All Live With Project: 9th Grade Honors and Academic English (Kirby, Richardson, Short, Steele, O'Foran, Weatherly) -- Students read To Kill a Mockingbird and explore the driving question, "How do we combat bigotry and social divisions in our culture today in a way that reaches people and creates change?" Then they create two public products. In the first, students have autonomy to make public service announcements, editorials, youtube videos, brochures, etc. In the second, students participate in a grade-wide "Don't Stereotype Me Day." They create locker signs according to the formula, "Just because I'm _______________, doesn't mean I'm ________________. In the week following the event, they debrief the experience through narrative writing and class discussions. https://sites.google.com/a/lcps.org/de-stereotype-me-day/

    • Bearing Witness Project:  12th Grade Academic English (Connors) -- Students are creating a fundraiser for Ellie's Hats and St. Jude. There is possible partnering with the Junior Class officers on this as they plan the FHS "Charity Ball"-themed prom.

    • Publish Today Assignments:  Creative Writing (O'Foran) -- Students are challenged to submit their work to an authentic audience beyond the classroom each Friday, with possibilities including contests nationwide, teenink.com, the class blog, and Aerie, the FHS Art and Literary Magazine.
    • Goodreads Book Clubs: (Kim: Ms. Kim's 2nd Block, Woods) Students and teachers are enrolled in online book clubs where they post reviews and conduct discussions of their independent reading books and assigned texts. This project allows students to choose independent reading books based on peer recommendations, and it challenges students to think critically about their reading and articulate their responses for an authentic audience.
    • Schoolwide Advertising:  11th Grade Honors English (Kim, Woods) -- During the rhetoric unit, students create advertisements for school events and post them in the larger school setting.
    • Community Advertising: 11th Grade Honors English (Kim, Woods) -- To teach rhetorical strategies and persuasive techniques, we have partnered up with local community-based associations and nonprofits to create advertisements for their services or upcoming events. These advertisements will be featured on the companies' websites, Facebook pages, and passed out at some of their events. 
    • Business Letters:  10th Grade Academic English (Kim, Woods) 10th Grade Honors English (Nigro) -- Students each choose a business to which they would like to offer a compliment or complaint. Then they write and mail the letters.
    • Class Blogs: (Maier, O'Foran) -- Teachers solicit and post best work on class blogs.
Last Modified on November 14, 2016