•  BYOT Tools for Classroom

    Examples of Individual Activities:
    • Student created podcasts/videos
    • Student publishing
    • Journaling/writing
    • Investigations, mapping skills with Google Earth
    • OR Codes integration
    • Collecting/Monitoring Data with Edmodo polls or Socrative
    • Graphing
    • Audiobooks, Storia by Scholastic, Storyline, podcasts
    • Content-specific reinforcement activities
    • Enrichment with edu-games
    • Virtual Field Trips, Tours, NASA app
    • Webquests
    • Personal Information Manager; keeping a personal calendar
    • “Visualizing” rules of BYOT: students interpret them in a creative way and share it in a wiki
    • Sight/Vocabulary Words practice with different apps
    • Examples of Paired Activities (in conjunction with others):
    • Shared whiteboard space
    • Paired tutorial games
    • Oral fluency practice
    Examples of Small-Groups Activities (in conjunction with others):
    • Student-created tutorials (Show Me, Educreations, etc.)
    • Collaborative writing and editing 
    • Downloaded books for students to read and share
    Examples of Whole-Group Activities(in conjunction with others:
    • Journaling
    • Writing prompts
    Whole group formative assessment
    • Surveys/Polls in Socrative or Edmodo
    • Blogging or discussion boards in Edmodo
    Classroom Management:
    • QR codes for easy/fast website access

     Online Whiteboards
     web whiteboard Web Whiteboard - create a whiteboard that all students can access and add to from their device
     padlet Padlet - an  online cork board where students can type in responses to questions, post questions, or any other comments you want them to put.
     twiddla  Twidla - an online whiteboard.  The teacher starts the board then shares out a link to students

    Online Response Tools
     classflow  Classflow - Turn personal devices into response tools for Promethean flipcharts
     answergarden Answer garden - an online brainstorming and response tool that creates word clouds
     kahoot Kahoot! - create online, action packed quizzes and surveys
     kwiksurvey KwikSurveys - Create online surveys, quizzes and polls
     plinkers Plickers - A quick response system, where students hold up cards, and the teacher does a classroom scan
     poll everywhere Poll Everywhere - respond via the web or text message to polls.  results are displayed live in gorgeous charts

    QR Code Readers and Creators
     inigma i-Nigma QR Code reader for all devices
     QR Code Reader QR code reader app for Android and for Apple
     QR stuff QR code website for generating codes
     QR Code generator QR Code generator Android App

    Online Creation Tools
     Big Huge labs Big Huge Labs - Create posters, magazine covers and other projects.  Free sign-up.
     blabberize Blabberize - give any image a mouth and make them talk!
     Glogster Glogster - an online multimedia poster creator, utilizing text, images and vide (Fee based)
     screencast o matic Screencast-o_Matic - record everything that is taking place on your desktop.  Great for creating How To videos when combined with other tools (such as whiteboard tools)
     story jumper StoryJumper - Create online eBooks for free.  Share with others to read via a weblink, or embed in your webpage.
    Flip Snack  FlipSnack - create ebooks for publication online.  Design pages using PowerPoint, upload to the site, then publish to the world.
     Comic Master Comic Master - create online comic strips

    Student Social Media 
     edmodo Edmodo - a social media site designed for schools that looks like facebook, and allows students to comment on assignments etc in a safe environment.  All posting can be set to be moderated.
     edublogs Edublogs - an online Blogging site designed with students in mind.  Setting can changed set who can view posts and if posts need to be approved before being seen.
    Kid Blog
    KidBlog - Blogging for students in a safe environmet.  Lots of safety controls.  ($36 per teacher a year.  Sometimes on sale)

    Word Clouds 
     word it out WorditOut - transform words into word clouds.  Words change size based on importance.
     tagxedo Tagxedo - transform words into word clouds of different shapes.  Words do not change size based on usage.
     Jason Davies Jason Davies - A software engineer who creates software tools.  Normal Word Cloud features.
Last Modified on December 8, 2015