• Parents, keeping up with all of the changes in technology and keeping your children safe can be overwhelming.  Check here for tip sheets and links to articles or helpful web sites.

    Common Sense Media - this site has information for parents and educators.  It is the source of the curriculum that LCPS schools use for their digital citizenship and certification program. 

    Many parents are looking for a balance between their expectations on use of digital devices at home, making sure that their children act responsibly and setting appropriate expectations.  One way is to use the Commons Sense Family Media Agreement.  Download a copy for your family, read it together, and sign as an agreement for safe use of digital media. 

    Common Sense Media offers articles on parenting in a digital world to help parents understand media use and guide their children.  It offers a wide range of articles on varying topics.  Explore the page and select articles that may be of interest to you here Family Tips.
    Articles that may be of particular interest are listed below.
     Family Tip Sheets