• Image result for careers and kidsOur students need to learn about Careers?  In elementary school? YES! Absolutely!  This is the time where students should start to explore the world of work and careers, and begin to understand how their academic strengths, likes and dislikes, their interests and values can be used in a job.  Elementary school is also a great time to start the discussion of different types of training and academic preparation it takes to be successful in a chosen field.  We explain to our students that while it is a great idea to have an end career goal in mind, jobs are constantly changing and developing. New jobs are being created every year as technology and world events dictate change. We often give examples such as careers in the technology and medical fields which change so often!
    At DTES, our students start to explore careers through stories, interest surveys, and computer resources such as those listed below.  Parents are encouraged to sit down with their students and investigate these websites.  Also, if your student shows an interest in a particular career, use the websites listed to look at the types of education or preparation needed, the job outlook for particular careers, and the salary projections.  It's always an eye opener!!
    This year we will also be trying to plan a career fair in the spring of 2017.  Be on the lookout for more information! 

    Drive of Your Life      Test drive careers for the one and only you!
    Virginia View              Great tools and games for career exploration!