Getting Started

  • What is Online Pre-registration?

  • What information should I gather to begin Online Pre-Registration?

  • I don’t have a copy of my child’s birth certificate (or other documentation), what can I do?

  • Do I need to use Online Pre-Registration?

  • Our family is new to Loudoun County. Should I register all my children at once, or start a new pre-registration process for each child?

  • I do not have access to a computer. Do I have to register online?

  • My student previously attended LCPS. May I use the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal to pre-register?

  • Should I use the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal to register any of my current LCPS students for the upcoming school year?

Account Creation & Management

  • How do I access the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal?

  • I am having difficulty getting started with the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal.

  • I am receiving the message 'Email address already in use' when I try to create a new account to start an Online Pre-registration.

  • How do I retrieve my password if I have forgotten it?

  • Can I change my password?

  • I have pre-registered all my children and they have started attending classes. How can I get access to their grades and class schedules?

  • My child has been enrolled through the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal. When I log into the ParentVUE portal to review his/her information I get the Online Pre-Registration site.

  • I just enrolled another student into LCPS for next year using the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal. When I log into my ParentVUE account I see my other LCPS students, but not the one I just registered.

  • Now that my students have started attending classes, I have access to their grades/schedules with my ParentVUE account. How can my spouse obtain his/her own ParentVUE account?

Online Pre-registration Data & Security

  • Is the pre-registration information kept private and secure?

  • Is my child’s pre-registration information available to anyone on the internet?

Navigation & Data Entry

  • How do I navigate the ParentVUE Online Pre-Registration portal?

  • I am having difficulty entering my home address.

  • My home address includes an apartment building letter/number. How should I enter the address?

  • I am a parent of an existing LCPS student. My child is listed in the Students to enroll section. How do I proceed?

  • Should I add myself or my spouse as an emergency contact?

  • In the Parent/Guardian Relationship screen there are multiple checkboxes. Must they all be selected for each parent/legal guardian?

  • Can I print a copy of the Online Pre-registration information?

District Announcements

  • 1/15/2021 Report Card Menu Hidden

    The Report Card menu in ParentVUE and StudentVUE will be hidden until 4 pm Tuesday, January 26 to allow teachers to post grades. View your child's current grades by clicking on the Grade Book menu.

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  • 4/1/2020 Online Pre-registration Document Upload

    Starting today, registrars will be contacting families about a process to upload electronic copies of Online Pre-registration documents. Please review the step-by-step process in Uploading Online Pre-registration Documents (English) (Spanish). 

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